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      Cardboard Box :

I have a rectangular cardboard box.
The top has an area of 120 square inches,
the side 96 square inches, and the end 80 square inches.
What are the exact dimensions of the box?

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      Cardboard Box :     ANSWER

The areas of the top and side multiplied together and divided by the area of the end
give the square of the length. Similarly, the product of top and end divided by side gives
the square of the breadth; and the product of side and end divided by the top gives the square of the depth.
But we only need one of these operations. Let us take the first. Thus, 120 96
divided by 80 equals 144, the square of 12. Therefore the length is 12 inches, from which we can,
of course, at once get the breadth and depth -- 10 in. and 8 in. respectively.