Double Duty
By Will Shortz

Each sentence contains two blanks.
The same word fits both blanks, but the 
second time that it is used, it has a different 
pronunciation and a different meaning.

For example:   
The choir bass goes bass fishing in his spare time

1) A _____ of my fingers got _____ when I removed my gloves.

2) Since I already paid the bill, I _____ the fact they resent the 
overdue notice.

3) On the _____, my dear, you cannot _____ 60 seconds without 
saying "you know." 

4) For his _____, please do not drink any more _____.

5) A white _____ flying into our yard _____ into the birdbath.

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Solutions :
1) Number 2) Resent 3) Converse 4) Sake 5) Dove