Spoonerisms Spoonerisms are words or phrases in which letters or syllables get swapped. This often happens accidentally in slips of the tongue (tips of the slung). Tease my ears (Ease my tears) A lack of pies (A pack of lies) It's roaring with pain (It's pouring with rain) The list is endless (The end is listless) Bad salad (Sad ballad) Mean as custard (Keen as mustard) Plaster man (Master plan) Pleating and humming (Heating and plumbing) Trim your snow tail (Trim your toe nails) Trail snacks (Snail tracks) Sale of two titties (Tale of two cities) Rental Deceptionist (Dental Receptionist) Flock of bats (Block of flats) Chewing the doors (Doing the chores) fighting a liar (lighting a fire) nosey little cook (cosy little nook) a blushing crow (a crushing blow) tons of soil (sons of toil) our queer old Dean (our dear old Queen) you've tasted two worms (you've wasted two terms) a half-warmed fish (a half-formed wish) is the bean dizzy? (is the Dean busy?) know your blows (blow your nose) go and shake a tower (go and take a shower) tease my ears (ease my tears) nicking your pose (picking your nose) lack of pies (pack of lies) it's roaring pain (it's pouring rain) sealing the hick (healing the sick) go help me sod (so help me God) I'm a damp stealer (I'm a stamp dealer) hypodemic nurdle (hypodermic needle) wave the sails (save the whales) mad bunny (bad money) I'm shout of the hour (I'm out of the shower) lead of spite (speed of light) this is the pun fart (this is the fun part) I hit my bunny phone (I hit my funny bone) bedding wells (wedding bells) I must mend the sail (I must send the mail)

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