Redundant Words Redundant words are common in everyday speech. Remove the superfluous words (in brackets) and you will not lose the overall meaning of the expression. (actual) experience,(advance) planning (advance) reservations,(advance) warning all meet (together),(armed) gunman at (12) midnight,at (12) noon autobiography (of my life),(awkward) predicament (baby) boy was born,(basic) fundamentals cease (and desist),cheap (price) (close) proximity,cold (temperature) commute (back and forth),consensus (of opinion) (difficult) dilemma,each (and every) (empty) space,(end) result estimated (roughly) at,filled (to capacity) (free) gift,(frozen) ice (general) public,green (in color) join (together),(natural) instinct never (at any time),(null and) void (pair of) twins,(past) experience (poisonous) venom,(pre-)recorded reason is (because),(regular) routine (small) speck,(suddenly) exploded surrounded (on all sides),(unexpected) surprise

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