Oxymorons An Oxymoron is a combination of contradictory or incongruous words, such as 'Cruel Kindness' or 'Jumbo Shrimp'. It is a literary figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory words, terms, phrases or ideas are combined to create a rhetorical effect by paradoxical means. Accurate Estimate, Act Naturally, Adult Child, Agree to Disagree, All Alone, Appear Invisible, Awfully Nice, Better than New, Big Baby, Bigger Half, Birth Control Black Comedy, Brief Speech, Business Ethics, Civil War, Climb Down, Confirmed Rumor Constant Change, Current History, Day Dreams, Dead Livestock, Deliberate Mistake, Drawing a Blank, Drive-Thru Window, Dry Ice, False Evidence, Farewell Reception, Fighting for Peace, Friendly Fire, Going Nowhere, Include Me Out, Invisible Ink, Least Favorite, Liquid Gas, Live Television, Long Shorts, Low Fat, Mercy Killing Mud Bath, Peacekeeping Force, Personal Business, Plastic Glasses, Practical Joke, Random Pattern, Real Fake, Real Polyester, Relaxation Exercise, Small Fortune, Sugarless Candy, Suicide Victim, Sweet and Sour, Terribly Good, Thinking out Loud, We're Alone, White Chocolate, loyal opposition, Same Difference, Pretty Ugly, Definite Maybe, open secret, larger half, clearly confused, benevolent despot, found missing liquid gas, civil engineer, deafening silence, seriously funny, military intelligence, virtual reality, definite maybe, original copies, pretty ugly, same difference, plastic glasses almost exactly, constant variable, even odds, minor crisis, extinct life, genuine imitation exact estimate, only choice, freezer burn, awful good, working holiday, rolling stop Great Depression, free trade, peacekeeper missile, sweet tart, crash landing, benign neglect butt head, sweet sorrow, student teacher, taped live, alone together, business ethics good grief, tight slacks, living dead, near miss, light tanks, old news old boy hot chilli, criminal justice, peace force, industrial park, open secret, sight unseen idiot savant, light heavyweight, original copy, final draft, random order, freezer burn negative growth, elevated subway, mobile home, fresh frozen, recorded live, one-man band Anti-Missile Missile, Doing Nothing, Preliminary Conclusion, Well-Known Secret unbiased opinion, Fiber Glass, Steel Wool, Known Secret, barely clothed

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