Homonym Riddles
           By M. Terban & G. Maestro

HOMONYMS are words that sound the same.
Each riddle is answered by a pair, or even a triple, of homonyms.

For Example:
RIDDLE: If four couples went to a restaurant, how many people dined?
ANSWER: Eight ate.

1) What would we do if we found bad plants spoiling our lawns?
2) What is a reddish-purple vegetable that is all worn out?
3) What do you say in the evening to a soldier in shining armor?
4) Who is married to Uncle Beetle?
5) What are groups of sailors on an ocean pleasure trip?
6) What is a group of musicians that is not allowed to play?
7) What is a weird street of shops that sell incredible things?
8) If they are not here, where are they?
9) Whyat is a great accomplisjment using the ends of your legs?
10) What do you call a bucket that has seen a ghost?
11) What coins can detect odors?
12) If a devil is completely sinful, what is an angel?

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1) We'd weed 2) A beat beet 3) Night-night Knight 4) Aunt Ant 5) Cruise crews 6) A banned band
7) A bizarre bazaar 8) They're there 9) A feet feat 10) A pale pail 11) Cents sense scents 12) Wholly holy