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We at *onlineclasses.org*, wanted to let you know that we featured your 
blog in one of our recent articles on our own blog. (*50 Best Blogs for 
Brand New Teachers*), is linked below and could be a fun way to share this 
announcement with your readers. 
Either way, I hope you continue putting out great content through your blog. 
It has been a sincere pleasure to read. Thanks 

From http://www.uvm.edu/~mbenalca/
This is another fantastic site for students to visit. 
It offers various topics on mathematics for different levels. 
There is a lot of interesting information on concepts that are not typically 
taught in a math classroom so feel free to explore this link. 
Also, the enrichment section is a great opportunity 
for students looking for math challenges. 

From http://www.pvhs.k12.nj.us/studentresources.asp
Major Categories with drop-down submenus include: Arithmetic Basics, 
Binomials, Circles, Graphs, Exponents, Factoring, Money / Interest, 
Quadratic Equations, Radicals / Roots, Scientific Notation, 
Trigonometry, Using Pythagoras Theorem, Sine and Cosine, and more. 
Most topics include Study, Quiz, and Tests.

From http://www.uvm.edu/~mlefranc/teaching%20resources.html
This website is another great resource, but less conventional in
nature. There are activities and information organized by topic, as
well as puzzles and games that challenge logical thinking and enrich
math skills. This site also has, however, many facts, gadgets,
diversions, tools, and historical information that is hard to find on
other sites. The site compiles lots of useful information that you
might find in the classroom, in addition to supplemental information
that would serve to complement a more standard math curriculum. This
website encourages students to ask questions and relate what they find
not only to what they have learned in school, but to the real world, as
well. This resource would most likely be used for additional learning
outside the classroom, rather than as a primary tool in the classroom. 

From http://www.iteducationclub.com

From http://www.tutorsq.com
The Math Website - Math tutoring tips 
Check out http://www.themathwebsite.com/ if you are math tutor. 
They provide numerous online math tutoring tools 
for free to enhance your tutoring services. 

From J.K. - New York City
The Math Website - 
We do fully utilize TheMathWebSite in our math classes 
to show students how the internet can help support class 
lessons, and improve their math knowledge and ability.
For example, after introducing the basic trig functions in class,  
the students took the interactive Quiz online to test themselves 
to see how well they truly understand the new concepts. 
Their instructions were - 
First do the quick Study review at - 
Then take the Quiz. Review again if needed. Take another Quiz at -
Then take the Test at -  
If they did not score at least 70% on the Test 
repeat the process with help from the teacher.

From Rider University - New Jersey
The Math Website - 
This is an amazing website that offers resources for teachers, students, as well as parents. 
There are several lessons, puzzles, activities, and games that can be used in all levels of mathematics. 
This site has given me many ideas that I have been able to adapt to fit my lesson plans. 
One awesome part of this website is that it allows you to add 'math gadgets' to customize 
your own website with puzzles, humor, and riddles. 
In addition to using books and magazines to find out about Secondary Teaching , 
why not also use the power of the Internet? We hope you find the site lively and useful. 
Happy teaching and learning! 

From Icantbelievemylife.com

From Toms River Regional Schools

From Collinsville Community Unit School District 10

From Home School Buyers Co-op

From Education World

New South Wales Australia

Lots of resources here. Works great with smartboard, video projector and printer.

H E L P !  --  Our Educational Future Requires Full Internet Accessibility

Most of our students bring their laptops to school but are not able to 
connect to the Net on the benches in front of the school on a warm day.
In the library, only about three laptops can connect at any one time.
Many students who do gain access to the Internet then lock up bandwidth 
by downloading music, accessing chatrooms or viewing non-educational sites,
and blacklisting websites does not seem to work. 
1) We need hardware/software to enable at least 300 laptops to be connected 
to the Internet at the same time wirelessly anywhere on our school grounds.
2) We need whitelist hardware/software to block out all websites except 
the 50,000 websites that have been preapproved by our staff as acceptable.
Does your school already have the above two features or 
do you know a company that can provide them to our school?
Let me know at jrsjrs@myway.com.    Thanks   John

Math Partnership  -  carl.hambright@tiscali.co.uk   
               lifeman816@hotmail.co.uk     www.st-clements.norfolk.sch.uk 	 

I am an American teaching maths in England. I miss all the U.S. school spirit 
which is severely lacking over here, proms are still a "new thing" and no one 
is interested in school sporting events and the like. 
I want to find a U.S. school that may be interested in a cultural exchange, 
by letter, web discussions, team teaching, webcams, etc..  
U.K. schools have uniforms, prefects, different houses and a system where you 
take final exams over the last two years of school and be awarded a certificate 
by passing each subject as assessed by an exam board and not the teacher. 
If you would like to discuss the possibilities further please contact me.

Chapin High School 
South Carolina
Have a great day! ( EVERY DAY! ) 

I would like to receive the program about the binary clock. 
I taught my students how to read binary numbers because so many jobs involve 
digital technology these days, I thought it would be good for them to read the 
binary number system. Would you send that program to me please? 


Last year I've used some of the Algebra 2 puzzles. I'm using the 
templates for graphing lines and some of the math thoughts. I'm 
interested in more geometry as I'm teaching it this year. Do you have 
any suggestions? As I go along I'll add more informations. 

Fremont High School

I have just begun using your website, which has already been of great use. 
In the past, I have used an old transparency that has a small grid on it to do graphs on the board, 
but I printed out the copy of the enlarged version and photocopied it onto a new transparency 
with the x- and y-axes. It works so much better than my old one, since I hand drew the axes 
on the transparency and it always smudges. I generally try to find resources here and there, 
but generally make up my own worksheets and quizzes/tests. In the case of this website, 
I am thinking that there are several different topics that I can use to do a quick quiz if I ever 
get an Internet connection in my portable. I have discussed using LCD projectors along with 
another teacher in my department and I think that this would be an extremely useful website to use, 
as is. If nothing else, I can use this website to refer students to as a helpful resource 
to study topics in the geometry and/or algebra 2/trig classes that I teach. 

South Carolina

I found TheMathWebSite last year and was using it some in several of my classes. 
I had it in my favorites list but our district reimaged all of our computers over the summer and it was lost. 
Thank you for sending me this email, I have added your websites back to my list and will be using them. 

St. Mary's High School 
St. Louis, Missouri 

The part that I use the most in my classroom from your "TheMathWebSite" is 
"The Daily Teacher Pickup Sheet". I use this several times a week to begin my 
classes. There is always something interesting in it that gives us a puzzle 
to solve, or a quote to discuss, or a fun riddle to do. It is my 5 minute 
class opener that gets them settled and focussed. They quiet down immediately 
and don't want to miss the riddle or the puzzle. They have 5 minutes to write 
an answer on a note card and turn it in, or they have 5 minutes to enter in a 
class discussion on a topic presented or a quote given. My students are all 
freshmen boys and they like writing quick answers on a 3 x 5 index card and 
quickly turning it in. The next class we then solve the riddle or puzzle and 
do a fast discussion if needed.  

Houston, Texas

I began using TheMathWebSite last year and have encouraged my students to use it also. 
I was surprised to hear how many parents had heard of the site. The parents loved this excellent resource. 
Many of my students were getting extra homework practice using it. 
They would have a computer so they had access to the website and blog while they worked. 
I am definitely a fan and would recommend it to any secondary student. 
It allows students to get extra practice and help so he can continue 
working on his homework instead of getting frustrated and stopping. 
The enrichment diversions add extra interest as well!

Newtoon South High School 
Newton, Massachusetts 
I LOVE this math web site. I have been teaching math for over 20 years and 
everything that a math teacher needs for teaching high school math is 
here. Enrichment problems, puzzles, math humor, and extra math parctice 
problems for all levels of math! Thank you NCTM! 

Shakopee High School 
Shakopee, Minnesota 

Next week we will be having an all district wide math curriculum 
meeting. Your site will be one of the sites that I will be sharing with 
our district and asking teachers to sign up and begin using!! I love 
the quotes for each day and the jokes as "beginning of the class" 
topics. Diagrams are great and so are the explanations.....keep up the 
great job. 

Dovercourt School
Edmonton Public School Board
Alberta  Canada
Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions.
Watch your actions; they become your habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
                                       --Frank Outlaw

Toronto Board of Education
Ontario  Canada

In Ontario when a teacher writes "PLO" many times on a blackboard it simply 
instructs the cleaning staff not to erase that blackboard. It stands for "Please Leave On".
I have seen many students of arabic background become very uptight and have had 
to explain to them that this does not refer to the "Palestinian Liberation Organization".

Ottawa Board of Education
Ontario  Canada

After the recent shooting death of a student by 2 other students, the school board commissioned 
for a report on how to control gun violence in high schools. A very logical suggestion has been 
put forward - to have every member of this committee spend one week in a school working as 
a supply teacher. After this experience they can write a first-hand account of a teacher's everyday
exposure and their report will definitely be much more meaningful and in touch with reality.

High Schools of Special Merit

H. B. PLANT HIGH SCHOOL is a blue ribbon high school in South Tampa Florida. 
Plant was recently named one of Newsweek Magazine's 
Top 100 High Schools in the United States for the second time in a row. 
Renowned humanitarian Dr. Tom Dooley graduated in 1944.
Founded in 1818 as a Latin school for boys, is a private Catholic boy's high school. 
Ranked in the top seven percent of schools in the nation for highest composite ACT score. 
NORTHPORT HIGH SCHOOL    -   Northport,  NY 
Home of: The International Baccalaureate Program, The Academy of Finance
The Academy of Information Technology, Project P.A.T.C.H. and Project Lead The Way
HIGHTOWER HIGH SCHOOL   -  Missouri City,  Texas
Hightower High School offers concentrated studies in the the areas of medical sciences,
engineering and computer media, and television production in addition to 
providing a comprehensive, traditional high school experience.
CURTIS HIGH SCHOOL   - Staten Island - New York 
Curtis High School was selected as a 2005 Inspiration Award winner by The College Board
and is the only New York State school to ever receive this honor.

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