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Ontario Report Card Header
Ontario High School Report Card Information Fill-In

1)   SELECT ALL of the code in the textarea below.
2)   COPY & PASTE this code into Notepad.
3)   SAVE this code as Ontario-Report-Card.html on a floppy disk.
4)   Print out Blank High School Report Cards from Ministry Website.
5)   Put a Blank Ontario Report Card into your printer.
6)   Click File/Page Setup and set orientation as Landscape,
        set paper as Letter size, remove Headers & Footers,
        set Left Margin at 5 mm and Top Margin at 6 mm for Windows XP.

7)   Turn your Printer on and Click File/Print Preview, then File/Print.
8)   Check that the printout is satisfactory or readjust Page Setup Margins.
9)   INPUT your own School Information & RESAVE.
10)   Repeat Steps 5 to 8, and print your own school information onto the Report Cards.

N O T E S :
The above program requires a Printer with a blank Ontario High School Report Card.
The Computer Screen will not show the proper output.

If ALL the Fill-ins are too high, too low, too far left or too far right, from their Fill-in rectangle,
then increase or decrease the Left Margin or Top Margin widths in File/Page Setup.

To move the text of any SINGLE Fill-in location, first find its section in the program. Click View/Source.
Then on the first line find   top:***px; left:***px.     The   ***   represent digits which specify the number of pixels from the top or the left the text is printed. Twenty pixels is approximately one-quarter inch.
To move the Fill-in Text down, make the number in   top:***px   larger, to move it up make it smaller.
To move the Fill-in Text to the right, make the number in   left:***px   larger, to move it left make it smaller.
To change the Font, type in your new font name between the quotation marks in   face=  .
To change the Font Size, type in your new font size number between the quotation marks in   size=  .
To change the Font color, type in your new font color between the quotation marks in   color=  .
To leave any Fill-in blank, do not type in anything between the two double quotation marks.

May be used to generate a separate report card marks program for each student, OR, to generate a basic school
report card for handing-out to students to write in their own personal data, before the teacher writes in the marks.