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Los Angeles  California   U.S.A.

We appreciate the great math help that this website provides.
As parents we are often limited in the amount of help we can give our student.
The unending number of practice sheets with solutions and answers is just great!
We normally print out 3 different blank sheets for our daughter to use for doing her work.
We then also print out the same three sheets with all the solutions for checking her work.
Seeing all the solution steps usually helps us to recall how to do the math from our own 
high school days, so we can actually explain some of the steps and even help her. 
Please let us know when we can buy this website on a CD or DVD. 


San Francisco  California   U.S.A.

Enough Already!
When an actress gets pregnant by a costar, is it really necessary to also pose for tummy pictures and announce a prospective engagement?
When a ballplayer announces that he has been sniffing a kilo a day and is going into rehab to get off the ceiling, can't he just stay in bed and get over it?
When a celebrity has matured, is it really necessary for their spouses, children, relatives or friends to write a book revealing their nastiness or foibles?
Do we really want to be tortured endlessly by the sleeping arrangements of the rich and famous, by who is coming out of the closet,
by who is carrying whose baby, by who has had what cosmetic surgery, by who holidayed at what resort with whom, by who is ending a 3 day bender, 
by who opposed the latest war, by who wears what designer's clothes, or by who said what nasty thing about whom?
Perhaps we as parents should spend less of our free time time thinking about such nonsense, and devote that time to our family, friends and interests.
Teach your children that such such behavior is unacceptable. Keeping up with such drivel, is simply a loss of time that could be given to our children!

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