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      Welcome to the Future of Teaching!
  The 21st Century Math Class - Using the Internet & Technology

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  ♠   How can I search the sites for information?

Visit Google Group : High School Math

  ♠   How can I make a Shortcut to this website?

Right Click on an open spot on your monitor.
Select "New". Left-Click on "Shortcut".
Type in the website URL - "".
Press the "Next" button.
Type in the shortcut name - "The Math Website".
Left click "Finish".
The icon should now be on your monitor.
Left Click the new shortcut icon to test it.

  ♠   How can I make this website my Homepage?

At the top of the browser, click on "Tools".
Select "Internet Options."
Find input box marked "Homepage."
Type "".
Left Click "OK".
Open Internet Explorer to see new homepage.

  ♠   How can I magnify a portion of any webpage?

Download an excellent freeware program "Magnify" from

  ♠   How can I enlarge an entire webpage?

1) Click on the tiny magnifier at the bottom right corner of browser.
OR Click on the adjacent down arrow and then click on your desired enlargement.
2) Hold down "CTRL" and "+" to enlarge page.
OR Hold down "CTRL" and "-" to reduce size.
3) Click on "Page" near the top and to the right on your browser.
Then select "Zoom" and then click on your desired enlargement.

  ♠   How can I write on a projected webpage?

Download an excellent freeware program "Zoomit" from

  ♠   How can I have my computer speak the text?

Download an excellent freeware program "Narrator" from

  ♠   How will Course Teaching Materials change in the future?

In the future all teaching materials, textbook topics, course outlines and student grading information will be on the local School Board webserver or website where they can be constantly and instantly reviewed, revised, improved, changed and updated.
... This will enable both teachers and students to transfer between schools without any loss of content, course continuity or preparation for tests.
... This will enable all students in a specific course to take the same tests on the same day.
... This will promote uniformity and allow competence ranking and comparisons between schools.
... This will allow a smooth coverage of all classes by supply teachers.
... This will enable every teacher to teach in any room in the school.
... This will take most of the preparation drudgery out of the classroom and enable teachers to spend most of their time face to face helping students.
... This will enable students and parents to view all course content, materials and classroom lessons to help parents and tutors with missed-work make-up due to absences.
... This will minimize or eliminate the handling and mailing costs of sending hard-copy progress reports and grading information to parents via snail-mail.
... This will give all parents immediate access to the marks and standing of their own student via the school website on the school internet server. Teachers will input the scheduled dates of tests and the results of all student tests and assignments. The school office will add the dates of all lates and absences, and the reasons for all lates and absences, whether students provided notes, plus student disciplinary meetings with teachers and administration and the results of such meetings.

  ♠   Will Textbooks and Educational Materials be online in the future?

Online textbooks will be generated by each School Board, or by cooperating groups of School Boards, and placed on the Internet.
... This will save the cost of purchasing hardcopy textbooks and the constant need to constantly repurchase more textbooks and new revisions of textbooks.
... This will save our forests, and will save the environment from the pollution caused by printing and transporting textbooks.
... This will eliminate or minimize the time wasted by school personnel in handling, repairing, inventorying, handing out or collecting textbooks.
... Hardcopy textbooks would be available to teachers, students and parents if requested or necessary, by simply printing out the online textbooks.
... All students who do not already have a laptop, or who cannot afford a laptop, will be issued a basic WiFi-enabled laptop instead of course textbooks.
... All schools will be connected to the internet, either with a hardwired or WiFi system. The school website will have all class, course and school information available and allow all teachers, students and parents to access all learning materials and textbooks.
... Only School-approved and white-listed World Wide Web websites would be accessible on school websites via a specially programmed gateway computer. Blacklisting inappropriate websites, or using word-blocking software to block unacceptable websites has proven to be impossible. Every teacher would approve appropriate websites on a regular basis and submit them to be added to the school white-list.

  ♠   How will Classroom Procedures change in the future?

All teachers will have access to all Math Lesson materials from the School Board webserver. Standardized classroom educational materials, on the School Board webserver, will save the teacher much preparation drudgery and marking time, and thereby provide more time for teacher to help students.
Educational materials will be from the teacher's own routered laptop, to a blue-tooth-enabled LCD Projector, the image will be shown above the classroom blackboard or onto the classroom whiteboard. Every classroom will have a permanent section of wall for projecting images, and pull-down projector screens will no longer be used.
The projected class lessons will be annotated directly onto the teacher's laptop/iPad screen by using a special stylus/mouse.
The teacher will be able to access -
... Classroom Lessons where all the solution steps and the final answers can be clicked out one line at a time when needed,
... Practice sheets with full explanations to enable students to reinforce the solution methods,
... Bell Work materials with full solutions, answers and marking scheme,
... Quizzes with full solutions, answers and marking scheme,
... Class Tests with full solutions, answers and marking scheme.
... Entire Exams with full solutions, answers and marking scheme.
... Homework sheets with solution examples ready for hard-copy printout.
... Everything presented to the class on the LCD projector could be saved by the teacher on his laptop or handed out as a hard copy printout to all members of the class.
... Students and parents will be able to access all the educational materials for further practice by the students at home, and enable parents or tutors to help students at home using the exact same materials used at school by the teacher.

  ♠   Will instant Email Communications be the norm in the future?

The school will have an email address for every student to enable instant contact or simple information passing, and to save the cost of snail mail delivery and postage.
... The immediate email contact mode will be used to contact parents quickly with information and instructions in case of any school emergencies such as a lockdown, bomb threat, fire, shooting, flooding, etc
... The simple information passing mode will allow the school to inform or remind parents about any school activities or functions such as PD days, parent interview days, sports events, field trips, award assemblies, award accolades, commencements, etc..

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