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Using www.TheMathWebSite.com in the Math classroom


By using the internet technology fully in the math classroom, teachers spend less time in preparation/marking drudgery and more time interacting and helping your students.

Basic textbook information is minimal since it is written for Math Teachers who would have extensive training into each topic.   It is intended to be used to assist math class instructions by a teacher by providing typical examples and solutions to most high school level math topics.


A Typical Math Class


1)  Begins with Bellwork to calm students down quickly and get their brain in shape for the quiz.  Choose some questions from a Quiz or Test Sheet, and give out to the class via paper, blackboard or projector.  Let students mark their own or each others.

2)  Give a Quiz on yesterday’s topics for marking.  Students can mark their own, each others, or the teacher can mark.  Everyone can do the same quiz, or a different quiz for everyone if cheating or copying is a class problem.   Choose a Quiz Sheet, and give out to the class via paper, blackboard or projector.

3a)  To present the Class Lesson  choose examples from the Quiz or Test Sheets.  Show and explain questions and solution steps on a projector or overhead. Present as many examples as needed and discuss the finer points on the blackboard. Left Click on the question and the first solution steps appear or disappear. Left Click on these solution steps and the final answer appears or disappears. Refresh the webpage until the desired type of question appears.

3b)  The Class Lesson  can also be presented using the Lessonboard using the mouse drag & drop method. The lesson steps can be created and presented line by line via projector/overhead or blackboard. All the available numbers and math characters are shown at the top of the webpage. These numbers and math characters can be easily dragged and dropped into the blank presentation area below to create math questions and subsequent solution steps. These numbers and math characters be resized by holding down the shift key while dragging the bottom right hand corner. Resizing is useful when creating smaller exponents/subscripts or larger brackets. Please note that the Lessonboard is slow to load/refresh/exit because of its large image base, so be patient.

3c)  The Class Lesson  can also be presented using the Lesson Sheets. The Lesson Sheets only present one question or example at a time. Left Click on the question and the first solution steps appear or disappear. Left Click on these solution steps and the final answer appears or disappears. Refresh the webpage until the desired type of question appears. The font size can be changed for better viewing via projector or overhead. Present as many examples as needed and discuss the finer points on the blackboard.

4)  Give some Practice to make sure they understood the new topic.  Choose examples from the Quiz Sheets to allow immediate student checking of answers from the bottom of the sheets. Tests have answers that must be clicked out, so first print out a blank sheet for the students to work on, then click out the answers and print out a solution  sheet for later when needed.

5)  Present a math Diversion such as a Puzzle, Activity, Game, or Enrichment topic to maintain their interest in math and to put some fun into the class.

6)  Assign the Homework. This is usually out of the course textbook prescribed by the ministry of Education.  Show students the source of extra practice sheets on the website if they wish to get extra practice at home.


How Math Teachers use the Website – www.TheMathWebSite.com


Many schools now have wireless internet access, so that students and teachers can easily access our math website by laptop anywhere in or around their building.

Some math teachers use a video projector to project the website pages onto the wall above their blackboard and use the blackboard below to explain any student questions.

Some math teachers place their laptop on their desks and simply transfer the website examples as their lesson source onto the blackboard.

Most math teachers simply print out a hard copy of the math examples, enlarge it on a photocopier, transfer it onto a transparency and then use it on an overhead projector.

Teachers are happy with the available Test and Quiz Sheets, because all the solutions and answers are available just by left clicking on the questions or solutions.

Teachers appreciate the many enrichment and diversion topics, because they add interest to the class, and quickly fill-in those slow, awkward times during the class.

The website now offers 4 linking items that can be placed on a school or personal website.  A different daily Math Puzzle, a Math Question, a Math Quotation, and a Link which opens a window of Math Stuff  materials.

The website does not do Professional Development presentations to teacher groups on how to fully utilize the website in the math classroom. The website does however offer assistance to any teacher who would like to make such a presentation to their colleagues.


Easy Linking to the Website


Interesting links can be placed directly on a school or personal website.
1) A daily Puzzle can be placed directly onto any webpage.
2) A random Math Question can be placed directly onto any webpage.

3) A random math-related Quotation can be placed directly onto any webpage.
4) A Math Stuff text Link can be placed on any webpage. This which will open a new window containing the above 3 items plus a Sudoku game.
Full instructions are given on the Index Page. The items are added to your webpage for free and are changed frequently. Placing these items on a school or class website encourages a more frequent usage of the website.


How to use the Website Components


1)  Before Printing any worksheets, always left click on File/Print Preview on your browser to view and verify exactly what your printed copy will look like.

To get the best printout use Internet Explorer 5.5+.  Left Click on File/Page Setup. Set the Paper Size to 8 1/2 by 11.  Set the Orientation to Portrait.  Remove all Headers and Footers.  Set all the margins to 19mm. The Printer Copy lacks all the navigation fields, buttons and links. Left Click File/Print Preview again to view the final printed page.


2)  The Study Sheets are not intended to be exhaustive.  Many excellent textbooks exist for reference purposes.  It is therefore assumed that students have access to a good textbook and a good math teacher to explain the many prerequisite fine points that the student may have forgotten.  It is also assumed that the student has a basic understanding of the solution steps.  By using these sheets the student can maximize his ability to solve the various types of math questions.  This website offers sheets for repetition and practice, which is the key to learning how to solve math questions.

3)  All Quiz Sheets provide blank spaces for students to do their work. The answers are all on a tear-off / fold-over portion at the bottom of each quiz sheet. Both the question and answer portions are identically numbered to facilitate later matching for marking.

CLICK ON THE QUESTIONS to make their solution appear/disappear, then click on the solutions to make the final answers appear/disappear.
Sample solutions may be added onto any quiz by left clicking them out to one or more of the questions before printing the quiz. The navigation areas are never printed out.
4)  The Test Sheets do not include any answers on the printout.
CLICK ON THE QUESTIONS to make their solution appear/disappear, then click on the solutions to make the final answers appear/disappear.
Print out a blank test sheet for the students to do their work.  Then, click out all the answers, and print the sheet again as a separate answer sheet.
If the same blank test is given to everyone in the class, the answer sheet may be put on an overhead transparency for marking in class.
Include a full sample solutions onto any test, by left clicking out the answers to one or more of the questions before printing.

5)  The Graphing Sheets always have a BLANK GRID for student work.
a)  The Graphing Quiz Sheets have the solution graphs at the bottom of the sheet, on an identically numbered tear-off or fold-over portion.

b)  The Graphing Test Sheets automatically print out both a blank student worksheet and the solution graph on a second identically numbered page.
If only the solution graph is desired, then choose Page 2 Only, at the printer prompt.

c)  The Graphing ASK (Query) Sheets expect the input of the equation coefficients, after which the answer graph of the Conic will be drawn.  This is particularly useful if students wish to check their homework graphs or during class lessons, to show students how different coefficient values change the shapes of the various conic graphs.
Graphs include Equations and Conics:  Lines, Circles, Parabolas, Ellipses, Hyperbolas    


6)  The Title button at the top of the worksheets will personalize and customize your page title.  Input your own Page Title, School Name, Teacher Name, or Course Name into the textarea to the left of this button. Then click the Title button and observe the change on the worksheet.  None of the navigation buttons at the top of the worksheets will appear on the final paper printouts.


7)  The Instructions button at the top of all the worksheets will personalize and customize your page instructions to your students.  To change the page instructions simply type in your own instructions or course information, into the textarea space provided, then left click the Instructions button, and observe that the change has been made on the worksheet.  None of the navigation buttons at the top of the worksheets will appear on the final paper printouts.




1)  Math Quotations
The random quotations that are generated may be used to add relevance and interest to any math topic.  Simply Copy & Paste the quotations into your own documents.
A math relevant daily quotation by a famous mathematics person would be thought provoking, could lead to a lively discussion, and might even show that math is not really as irrelevant or as boring as many students think.

2)  Math Stamps

Stamps with Portraits of famous mathematicians have been issued by every country.
The colorful Stamps may be used to add relevance, color and interest to any math topic. When introducing a new math concept, show a picture of the major math contributor on a stamp. Simply Copy & Paste the stamp images onto a quiz or test, or project them above a class lesson. 
To capture a stamp image, Right Click on a stamp, click Save Picture As, then input a File Name and extension, and click Save.

3)  Award Certificates

The Certificates of Achievement can be easily adapted and customized for recognition of achievements, to promote and encourage excellence or even just to add some tongue-in-cheek humor to the class. 

The Distinguished awards are for excellence in achievement to encourage maximum effort and achievement.
The Humorous awards are for a lighter and wittier touch, to show the students that the teacher has a sense of humor, while getting a message across.
All wording on the certificates can be changed to whatever you wish, by simply typing into a textarea and pressing a button. The graphics can be changed by refreshing the screen.

4)  Sudoku is a recent game that is all the rage at the present time.
Print out a different game for everyone in the class so that everyone has their own individual challenge.   All games have the solution on a fold-over or tear-off portion at the bottom.  The Sudoku puzzles come with your choice of  4, 5 or 6 blanks filled in.


5)  Graph Paper is readily available if there is not enough room on the graphing sheets.
If your students complain that they do not have enough room on the small graphs that are provided on the worksheets, then print out a large graph page for them to use!
Sheets are all black & white, 8 1/2 in. by 11 in., and have one, two or four graphs on a page, both with and without axes.

6)  Lots of Diversions of all kinds are readily available and ready to print out.   
The many Puzzles can be written onto the blackboard, or simply projected from the website  onto the wall, for a class challenge, bell work, bonus question, or enrichment assignment. The solutions are all available on a tear-off /fold-over portion at the bottom of the pages.

The Games, such as BlackJack, JigSaw, HanoiTowers, Guess or Tictactoe are interactive and must be played on the computer.
The Activities, such as Boxes, Answer, Mobius, Nim, Cards, Dime, Pipes or Sprouts. are mainly pencil, paper and scissors type of activities which allow students to move around and interact with each other.

7)  Multiple Choice Test for your class using a software template.
Let the students produce their own multiple choice tests for each other. It is a good relevant activity, which allows students to put their own math knowledge into practical use.  Students can share the results with others for reviewing any math topic, or there can be prizes given out to the best program.


8)  The Email Sender software template can be quickly and easily customized to send an email to your students.  Email homework information, course progress, homework assignments etc.. to the parents of your students. Simply input the names and email addresses of your students into the software code and resave the program on your own computer. 

Once coded, just left click on the student’s name, add your message and send it to him.

The same email message can also be sent to every member on the class with one click.


9)  The sister weblog,  www.HighSchoolMath.Blogspot.com is used to quickly add extra content and information to the website.  It also contains enrichment topics and information, puzzles, amusements, quotations and much more.  Teachers can also use this blog as an example, to encourage every class to develop its own “Class Blog”, which can be used to give the class information about tests, homework, assignments, commendations, cancellations etc.. The blogs are free and very easy to use.


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