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Advertising Rates

Website Advertising Rates

TheMathWebsite was created to assist high school math teachers in their high school classroom teaching.
Our website is also accessed extensively by parents, homeschoolers and students, for math study assistance outside the school environment.
This is a niche website for advertisers to specifically target techno-savvy educators, motivated students and their concerned parents.
The format of all images should be JPG or GIF or animated GIF with a maximum 20 kilobytes.
We do not rotate ads, so each time a person visits any one of our pages, they see your ad.
All prices listed herein are in U.S. Dollars and for Prepaid advertisements only.
All ad sizes are approximate and may be altered slightly.
These are all Special Introductory Ad Rates, to promote our newly reprogrammed website.
These Ad Rates may be changed at any time without notice.
First-come-first-served to lock in your Advertisement Location and Rate.
These Ad Rates are for a single insertion on a single webpage.
Multiple insertions of the same or different Ads on numerous webpages will be given discounts as follows.
    The First and highest-priced Ad will not receive any discounts.
    The Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Ads will receive a 10% discount.
    All subsequent Ads will receive a 15% discount.


Payment Policies
Prepayment is required for all advertising. All rates are in U.S. Dollars. Cancellation of any portion of a prepaid contract is subject to cancellation of frequency discount; notice must be received in writing. All prepaid ads will require a one month cancellation period to remove. Ad charges begin on the exact date when your ad is placed on our website.

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