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Advertising Policy

TheMathWebSite Advertising Policy

Advertisements accepted for placement on the TheMathWebSite website should address an intelligent audience and must adhere to the following guidelines: 

1. Advertisements will not be accepted for products related to cigarettes of any kind, guns, household or agricultural chemicals, biotechnology, most pharmaceuticals or any other products that are deemed not to be healthy, or environmentally or socially responsible, are illegal or could subject the website to liability.

2. Advertisements deemed racially discriminatory or bigoted, religiously inflammatory or divisive, or with sexual orientation or content are unacceptable.

3. Educational products or services must encourage independent learning and should not attract buyers by promoting anxiety or purposefully making parents or learners feel inadequate about academic standards or educational advancement.

4. Advertisements must avoid misleading claims and hyperbolic descriptions. TheMathWebSite may ask that all claims be proven. Mention of third party endorsements or awards in your advertising is subject to verification.

5. Advertisements should in no way suggest that a product or service has the endorsement of TheMathWebSite.

6. Advertisers are expected to guarantee their products and services.

7. All advertising must be prepaid by the advertising deadline.

8. Ads should be of the highest graphic quality possible (in one of the formats specified on our rate card) and be proofread so as not to contain typographical or grammar errors.

9. TheMathWebSite reserves the right to unilaterally interpret these or any other guidelines which may be put in place from time to time, and to refuse any advertisement that is deemed not to follow them. Our decision will be final and TheMathWebSite will not enter any email discussion to justify our decision. For clarification or further information email TheMathWebSite.

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